Tiffany’s Catering serves scrumptious and appetizing quality food from over 14 different types of cuisine; specializing in Italian, American, French and Vegan cuisines. No matter which cuisine you prefer our catering will surely satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Our company is known to render the finest and delectable dishes and quality service to all our clients. We assure you that every menu we serve will suit each occasion. In addition to our quality service, we also perform bartending in your parties.

Because of our effort to build lasting and memorable experiences, we also have cooking classes to give knowledge on learning different cuisines and meals. We provide our clients quality and orderly catering service in all occasions like cocktail parties, weddings, anniversaries, and the like.

We are now proudly serving food at Alosta Brewing Company!




We guarantee satisfaction in every contact and provide you premium and palatable food and enjoyable and pleasurable moment every time you engage in our catering services. Our experienced chefs and excellent, certified culinarians, and Master Sommelier will surely make your party an unforgettable one.


With our dedication and 13 years of service, we have established lasting and memorable experiences, great services, and excellent cuisines. We make sure that our catering service will satisfy your taste. We will be glad to help you.

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